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SC-6H Quiet

SC-6H Quiet


Cooling Server Rooms, quietly for occupied rooms

Server Room, Data Center & equipment rooms Cooling. Exhausts 435 cubic feet/minute of hottest air. Thermostat controlled. easy install. 110 volt,10 year warranty cools 500 sq. ft.

Quiet version of SC-6H   -   63 down to 46 decibels. Make a large difference to employee occupied spaces. Sch-6h removes hot air @ ceiling, pulls cool air in from the floor level of next room(cool air intakes included) Faster & less expensive than air conditioning. 25 feet of flex duct (snaked) cancels sound waves.   

Horizontal exhaust. 18" ceiling clearance

other exhaust systems, top of page drop down, STMFAB.NET

Check the DCE systems, quiet for a open area above the ceiling

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