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cooling server rooms / exhausting heat

6", 8" & 12" exhaust systems, 435 cfm - 1060 cubic feet/ minute 

Cooling server rooms by exhaust fan is the most efficient cooling system for drop ceilings. Our exclusive side intake at the ceiling, dropped 1" below the ceiling grid exhausts from a much wider radius than most "barrel" type systems, which exhaust straight up from the hot room, leaving hot  air at the perimeter. The 5 degree temperature difference between the floor & ceiling make our system the fastest heat removal system that I've found. Our cool air intake, mounted at the lowest part of the door or wall brings in the coldest air from next room. 2 cool air intakes with system.

We feature a thermostat on our standard SC-H series systems; controlling the temperature.

Remote control systems control occasional use.

Our "switched" series allows you control / wall switch. Any 110 volt switch will control these systems. A switch should be used to avoid exhausting all the conditioned air in your area.

Example: SC6H, 435 cubic feet / minute exhausted, cools up to 5 servers 

or a 450 sq. ft room in 2 minutes.  Other systems @ top of Home page

Cooling server rooms, hot offices, smoking rooms & all hot rooms. Exhaust only the heat keeping the cool air is much more efficient than extra A C units. Having tested mutiple commercial brands before choosing fan motor & thermostat. We offer you a reliable, cost efficient cooling system, with large initial, operating & little installation cost savings an added plus.

The drop ceiling exhaust fans have a 10 year warranty & 15 - 20 year expected service. The fan motors are high efficiency, 110 volt, low amp, commercial duty units.

While heat, smoke, etc. is exhausted, cooler air replaces the same amount of exhausted air through use of the cool air intake grills( included ) installed near the floor, in a door or wall.

Average servers create 14,100 BTU of Heat. 

 SC-8H, pictured, 745 cfm horizontal exhaust, 110 volt, 1.7 amp, exhausts 750 sq. ft. in 5 minutes. Cools up to 9 servers.

SC-6H - 435 CFM(cubic feet/Minute) horizontal exhaust, 110 volt, 1 amp. exhausts 450 sq. ft. in 5 minutes. Cools up to 5 servers.

SC-12H - 1060 CFM horizontal exhaust, 110 volt, 3 amp, exhausts1060 sq. ft. in 5 minutes. Cools up to 13 servers.

L C systems, low clearance, less than 14" above the grid

Quiet exhaust series - use in occupied rooms for lower decibel level, 2 panel systems

Room Coolers - "no modification" leases to supply cooler air from adjacent rooms

All systems fully assembled, 90 day trial, 10 year warranty

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