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Hot Air Axe Size,Model & Location ?

Model & Size / Hot Air Axe 

3' or More above ceiling grid, the SC series. Vertical exhaust, free flow or ducted, open space, cool air return or exhaust hood / outside air.

Less than 1' the LC (low clearance) series. 8"- 12" of clearance above ceiling grid. Usually ducted.

3' or less, the SC-H ( horizontal exhaust ) 14" - 18" of clearance above the ceiling grid. Usually ducted.

See product pages.

SIZE OF HOT AIR AXE - 6",8",10",12"

Up to 500 square feet --  the SC-6, SC6-H or SCH6, low clearance.

Up to 900 square feet --  the SC-8, SC-8H or SCH-8  low clearance

Up to 1400 square feet -- the SC-12, SC-12H or SCH-10 low clearance

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