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Hot Air Axe Size,Model & Location ?

Installation & Size / Hot Air Axe 

3' or More above ceiling grid, the SC series. Vertical exhaust, free flow or ducted, open space,cool air return or exhaust hood / outside air.

Less than 1' the SCH (low clearance) series. 8"- 12" of clearance above ceiling grid. Usually ducted.

3' or less, the SC-H ( horizontal exhaust ) 14" - 18" of clearance above the ceiling grid. Usually ducted.

See product pages.

SIZE OF HOT AIR AXE - 6",8",10",12"

Up to 500 square feet --  the SC-6, SC6-H or SCH6, low clearance.

Up to 900 square feet --  the SC-8, SC-8H or SCH-8  low clearance

Up to 1400 square feet -- the SC-12, SC-12H or SCH-10 low clearance


Location - always the hottest area.Minimum 1 ceiling tile away from AC/Heat register or return air intake (egg crate). The "calm" area allows the heat to accumulate.

Plan the location, ducting - free exhaust, open air, return air plenum.

Remove 2 ceiling tiles & 1 cross grid (2').

Check ceiling support wires, give them a good pull.

Place Hot Air Axe into existing grid; pointing exhaust toward heat destination. Install duct (soft or hard, local codes).

Replace cross grid.

Supply 110 volts to connection box or plug in to 110 volt source, constant or switched.

Replace ceiling tile.

Set thermostat to desired temperature.

Be COOLER & enjoy the Savings. 

All systems as fully assembled as possible, making the installation as easy as possible.

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