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Commercial/Restaurant Kitchen Cooling, drop ceiling exhaust fans


SC-6H   435 cfm of heat removed, pictured. Cools to 500 sq. ft of "hood escaped" heat in commercial kitchens. thermostat control

The flat horizontal intake, drops below the ceiling grid, creating a wider intake of heat @ ceiling which is more efficient, than a straight "barrel" exhaust system.  Less than 10% of the operating cost air conditioning. The purchase cost & installation cost are also minimal, by comparison, to auxillary Air conditioning. Exhausting the hottest air @ the ceiling, which escaped the hoods. Leaving the cooler air.

YouTube "commercial kitchen exhaust fans" for extra info 

*2 X 2 grid, 110 volt, easy install, fully assembled

* 10 year guarantee - 15 - 20 year service life

*Zero Maintenance - No service calls

*Zero Floor Space

*No Water or Refrigerant leaks

Yes the Axe is a new more efficient design, while proven in the field, we offer the "90 day trial.

Tired of Attitude, Wrong Orders & Losing GOOD PEOPLE because of HEAT?

The drop ceiling exhaust works for you!!

Our 11th year of cooling with money savings.

remote control & switched units available

SC8H 745 C.F.M. cools up to 800 sq. ft. of kitchen "hood escaped" heat.

SC12H  1060 CFM  cools up to 1100 sq. ft. of kitchen "hood Escaped" heat

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