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Drop Ceiling Exhaust Fans vs Air Conditioning

The “Hot Air Axe” for Drop Ceilings

Hot Air Axe Exhaust  vs  Air Conditioning

Hottest air Exhausted                                               Cold Air Mixed w/ hot Air

6" 435 CFM HEAT Gone - 69 watts     1 ton 400 CFM cold 1300 watts

8" 745 CFM Heat Gone  200 watts        2 ton 800CFM cold 2600 watts

12"1060CFM heat Gone 300 watts  3 ton 1000CFM cold 3200 watts

If we need to talk more about operating costs & Efficiency;

Hot Air Axe:

No Maintenance

No Service Contracts

No Refrigerant or Water LEAKS

Easy Installation; 110 volts vs 220, no floor space required.

There are reasons  HVAC engineers are buying & "specing" it.  

The thermostat controller, automatically controls the room temperature (50- 90 degree) range. Bimetal sensor, no mercury or gasses. Fan mounted adjustable thermostat is the quicker, easier installation, not as easy to adjust. Wall mounted  thermostat, is easier to adjust. The price is the same, just call.

All “Hot Air Axe” systems arrive; with a 10 year guarantee, fully assembled & tested.

The exhaust fans used are high efficiency, low amp, 110 volt, thermally protected & can usually be connected to an existing circuit, .6 - 3.0 amps. Cool air intakes are included with the Hot Air Axe. Lower your air conditioning bills, increase your reliability & eliminate service calls.

           Cooling Server Areas, Hot Offices                                    Restaurant Kitchens & Stores

                     Daily & Emergency Backup

Closet size to larger areas – 335 - 1060 cubic feet/minute models – Vertical, Horizontal & low clearance, horizontal exhaust systems.

The “Hot Air Axe” is the most effective, efficient, & reliable cooling system, to lower temperature, cut the A.C. bill & increase productivity, without the “wind”. There are no papers or flour flying, because of our unique horizontal intake at the ceiling. 

            Yes, this is a newer, more efficient design, side intake @ the ceiling, where the heat, smoke & odors first accumulate. 90 day “PROVE IT” trial period. Buy & install, if the system does not perform, to your satisfaction; repackage it, undamaged, ship it back to us for a FULL REFUND of the purchase price. 

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