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ROOM COOLERS - Cool W/O an Extra Air conditioner

Room Coolers pull cool air from common areas of the building,during weekend A.C. shutdown of your suites system or cooling from your air conditioned areas to cool your server room. Use of a ceiling vent, instead of a ceiling tile, will cool your less severe server room cooling applications. (heats up in 30 minutes +) Combining the Room Cooler with the Hot Air Axe takes care of the more severe heat rooms. Commercial kitchens also utilize this system to reduce the heat.

2 x 2 ceiling grid - 3 ceiling tile system - 1 intake from cooler area - 1 fan unit - 1 exhaust  to hotter area - thermostat control - fully assembled - easy install

110 volt - zero maintenance - drop ceiling location - no floor space - 10 year warranty

QUIETER  than the Hot Air Axe ; sound level of a quiet conversation

This eliminates the expense, aggravation, costs of an extra air conditioner for your                                  server & computer rooms.

Check the "Installation & Reasons - Room Coolers VIDEO

6" Room Cooler -  435 CFM cooler air moved - 110 volt -1 amp

8" Room Cooler - 745 CFM cooler air moved - 110 volt - 1.7 amp

Used in conjunction with the 6 or 8" Hot Air Axe - cost savings, reliability, zero worry