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server room heat exhaust

Cooling your server, IT, Data & Computer room has never been easier or more effective. Our drop ceiling exhaust systems remove only the hottest, lightest air @ the ceiling, as it accumulates. Our exclusive horizontal intake creates a broader intake than the traditional "tunnel" intake, which removes more of the cooler air from the middle of the room. The side intake mated to a high efficiency fan & adjustable thermostat, gives you the most effective & cost efficient cooling system available. 10% of the operating cost of air conditioning, about 20% of the initial cost, with a easy install makes our systems the simplest, reliable solution for cooling your server rooms.

SC6H cools a 5 server room, 435 cfm exhaust,110 volt, 1 amp

SC8H cools a 9 server room, 745 cubic feet/ minute exhaust, 1,7 amp, 110 volt

SC12H cools a 12 server room, 1060 CFM, 3 amp, 110 volt 

Info? call Dane @ 770.480.9913, or view video.

Daily & Emergency sizes available

Zero Maintenance - No Service Calls

Zero floor space - 110 volt- no 220 lines

No leaks - Inexpensive & Reliable

90 Day "PROVE IT", buy it , do the temporary install, use it for 90 days,If the system doesn't prove itself; send it back, undamaged for a full refund of the purchase price.

Tested & Fully Assembled with a 10 year guarantee.

Easy Installation

Questions ?  Call Dane @ 770.480.9913

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