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Office & Store COOLING

Cooling your office or store has never been easier or more efficient & effective. The "Hot Air Axe", exhaust system for suspended ceilings, fits 2 x 2 grid. Our exclusive system removes only the hottest air, from the ceiling. The side intake creates a wider intake pattern, instead of the "tunnel" effect of other exhaust fans. The "Hot Air Axe" leaves the cooler, denser air in the lower portion of your area. The sunlight, people, equipment heat is exhausted, automatically, down to your desired temperature, set the system mounted thermostat, exhaust your heat to return plenum, other ares of building or outside. Enjoy the cooler work area @ less than 10% of the operating cost of air conditioning. Rebalancing your building's HVAC system, with the Axe is much more economical than extra A.C. units.

Yes, the Hot Air Axe is a new design, while already proving itself, we maintain our "90 day Prove it". Buy the Hot Air Axe, if within 90 days, you are not happy with it's performance, send it back,undamaged, for a  full refund of the purchase price.

Zero maintenance - No Service Calls or Agreements

No Refrigerant or Water Leaks

Easy Installation

10 year guarantee, Tested & Fully Assembled

Call Dane with questions @ 770.480.9913

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