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Installation & Room Set up

1. Two men & two ladders(8") up, Locate the exhaust system in the hottest area,minimum 2 ceiling tiles from Ceiling AC supply. Creating a calmer area allows hottest air to accumulate. Air should flow across from cool air intakes to exhaust.  Or moving the AC supply panel to another room or capping the duct are also good alternatives, if you have flex duct Getting coolest air to the floor.See # 5  Cool Air Intakes

2. Check the ceiling grid support wires, give them a good pull.

3. Remove ceiling tiles, as required.

4. Set exhaust system in 2 x 2 grid pointed over open area or toward ducted connection.Hot air starts to cool as soon as it leaves the heat source.

5. Cool air intakes( in the box) should be installed at lowest portion of door or wall. Coldest air is at the floor.

6. Run 110 volts to connector box,plug in longer power cord, if ordered, Extension cords have been used for temporary installs. High efficiency, low amp motors.

8. Set thermostat ,on intake plate,to 3 degrees above temperature desired. Do not set thermostat below temperature of area supplying the cool air. The systems are not continuous duty rated.

9. Extra AC units supply vents should be pointed toward floor, A hood can be fabricated locally or take the measurements & call. We do bend steel.

10. Quiet series. place panels next to each other. Snake flex duct as much as possible, sound waves cancel each other out. Extra quiet? add flex duct(snaked) to exhaust side of system