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Installation & Room Set up

1. Locate the HAA in the hottest area,minimum of 2 tiles from A.C. supply or return grills. Creating a calm area for exhaust increases efficiency; away from cool air source creates air flow to HAA.

2. Check ceiling grid support wires, give them a good pull.

3. Remove 2 tiles & cross grid as needed, usually 8" & 12" systems.

4. Set HAA in place, pointing exhaust toward connection or largest open area, above ceiling. Adding extra flex duct to exhaust & curving it reduces noise.

5. Exhausting - free exhaust, 15 x cubic ft of 1/2 cubic volume of room ,to be cooled. Duct to wall, roof,return air duct. Call if you need a "wye" built.

6. Inlet air - 6" - 30 sq. inches, 8" - 50 sq. in., 12" - 100 sq. in.. Louvers or grill in wall      or door should be blocked to above size, leaving opening at lowest portion of room (cooler air). Larger air intake is negative. "No Mod" lease? Replace door, cut a little from bottom of door. Room Cooler system, under PRODUCTS.

7. Run 110 volt to connection box or plug in longer power cord, if ordered.       Extension cord can be used, making it a temporary installation.

8. Set thermostat about 3 degrees higher than room temperature desired, not below the temperature, at cool air intake. Portable & extra A.C. supply vents should be pointed toward floor, drives heat up to ceiling.

9. Thanks & enjoy the Reliability,Cooling & Savings. Free emergency backup is nice too!  Write me review if you get a minute.


Questions ?,   Dane @ 770.480.9913