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Drop Ceiling Exhaust Fan - "Hot Air Axe" - Why it COOLS so EFFICIENTLY

The  "Axe" removes only the hottest air @ the ceiling,horizontally, with the side intake. The intake area drops 1" below the ceiling grid. Doesn't "tunnel" into the center of the room,removing the cooler air @ the center & floor area.The Cooler air @ the lower parts of the room remain. There is a 5 - 6 degree difference between the floor & ceiling. The more C.F.M. created by the high efficiency fan motor, the larger the intake  radius, at the ceiling. The "Axe" is thermostat controlled to only exhaust the lightest, hottest air, down to your desired temperature. The Switched "Axe" creates the same wide radius intake, in a wall switched application. Fits standard 2 x 2 grid. Less than 10% of the operating cost of Air Conditioning with zero maintenance, less initial & installation cost. I know this sounds ridiculous; The reason  is, the AXE only has a high efficiency fan,to remove heat. AC units have compressors,fans,etc. Look at the power consumption for the AC unit you are considering & compare to the AXE. We only remove the hot air at the ceiling, not mixing cool air with hot air, our efficiency @ cooling is remarkable. Proven Server Room Cooling,Data Center Cooling,I.T. Cooling, Re-balancing Office Heat, Restaurant Kitchen Cooling, ETC. Hot Air Axe's are galvanized steel with industrial grade fans & thermostat. Built to LAST & be repaired 20 years down the road, the old school way.



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