COOL By EXHAUSTING, instead of xtra Air Conditioner
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Drop Ceiling Exhaust Fan

The Hot Air Axe is the most Efficient Exhaust system because of our exclusive side intake @ the ceiling. This side intake removes the hottest Air,Steam,Smoke & Odors, In A Large 360 Degree Circle(At The Ceiling). HOT AIR RISES. Making it more than 3X more Efficient & Faster than Standard Exhaust Systems. The Intake Plate drops 1" Below Your Drop Ceiling Grid. The Standard System Uses A Thermostat, Mounted on The Intake Plate, To Control The Temperature & Keep The Cooler Air In The Lower portions of the Room. 

Remote Control &; Switched Units Also Available See Products @ page Top 

Other Systems Tunnel Into The Cooler Air At the Middle &Lower Portions Of The Room,Using A vertical Intake(Grill); This Leaves The Hottest Air,Steam,Etc. In The Upper Portions Of The Room,Until All The Air In The Room Is Exhausted.                                                 Removing the Heat Is much More Effective Than Trying to Mix Cold Air Into A Hot Server Room, I.T. Room, Restaurant Kitchen, Hot Office. Exhaust the HEAT, Smoke, Steam, Odors &  Keep the cooler, fresher air Pulled From The Next Room  Internet Searches:

Temperature Difference Between The Floor & Ceiling.

Server Room Cooling Diagram - Cooler air supplied at floor,moves hotter air up, hot air rises.


 While the thermostat controls the Hot Air Axe, the hot air exhausted, needs to be replaced with cooler air, from main office, or cooler adjacent area.  Exhaust cycle is about 25% of room volume, System does not run continually.

All Systems:

* Daily & Emergency Cooling

* 110 Volt - High Efficiency

* Fit 2 X 2 Ceiling Grid    * Commercial Duty Motor & Galvanized Steel

* Fully Assembled & Tested

* 10 Year Warranty

* 90 Day Trial, This is our 7TH year of Cooling by Exhausting, Reliably 

SC-6H -- 6" fan Motor exhausts 435 Cubic Feet Minute of Heat- Cools to 500 Square Feet

SC-8H -- 8" Exhausts 745 C.F.M. of Heat - Cools to 900 Square Feet

SC-12H -- 12" Exhausts 1060 C.F.M. of Heat - Cools to 1400 Square Feet    

The Larger Heat Sources Will Require More Exhaust. 

TEST YOUR ROOM FOR SIZING. Some rooms create more heat - 6", 8", 12" Systems.Turn off any Extra A.C. units(Splits, Triplite, Etc. Monitor temperature increase, 3 degrees or Less up, in over 3 minutes - use the above  guidelines. This reflects cooling capacity w/o an extra A.C. system. More than 3 degrees in 3 minutes, move up 1 size or call Dane @ 770.480.9913. You will naturally need an extra A C, if your building is on weekend shutdown.   

 Cool Air Intakes,( Sized to Systems) should be closest to floor level as possible(coolest air). Included with System 

Low Clearance models - 6", 8" 10" motors - Less than 14" above ceiling Grid

Remote controlled models have 2 transmitters

Switched Models - Housing & Motor -  customer supplied 110 volt switch.

Quiet Models Are For Occupied Rooms


We Build For Durability 15-20 Year Expected Before Repair. We Weld Any Parts Possible. REPAIRABLE, The Old School Way 

Zero drains,water leaks,refrigerant Leaks, Floor space,Maintenance Calls,Breakdowns.

   20% of A.C. Initial Purchase & 10% OF OPERATING COST

Fully assembled - Saves Assembly labor For You                            

The Hot Air Axe Exhaust System Will Exceed Your Room Cooling Requirements For Years To Come. 

 I.T.,Server & Office Room Cooling w/o Extra A.C. unit. Video explanation @ videos. 


             Questions & Applications? Call Dane @ 770.480.9913