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Drop Ceiling Exhaust Fan

The Reason the "Hot Air Axe" is The Fastest, Most Effective Cooling Exhaust Is Our Exclusive Side Intake (At The Ceiling). The Horizontal Or Side Intake Pulls The Hottest Air, In A Large 360 Degree Radius(At The Ceiling). We don't Tunnel into The Cooler Air At the lower Portions Of The Room.

Hot Air Rises,It Is A Law Of Nature, Spreads Across Your Ceiling & Accumulates Down. Other Exhaust Systems use a Vertical Intake, This "Tunnels" down Through The Hottest Air Taking The Cooler Air @ The Middle & Lower Area Of Your Area & Leaving Hot Air @The Ceiling, Around The Walls Of Your Room. 

A Newer More effective method of cooling, proven over the last 6 years. Removing the Heat Is much More Effective Than Trying to Throw Cold Air Into A Hot Server Room, I.T. Room, Restaurant Kitchen, Hot Office. 

                  Try  Internet Searches:

                              " Why Hot Air Rises"

         Temperature Difference Between The Floor & Ceiling.

                        Data Center Cooling Diagram


Our Side Intake, Combined With Our Thermostat Controller Makes The Hot Air Axe The Choice For Cooling!  

   73 Degree Office, I.T. & Server Rooms, w/o Xtra A.C. units - YES 

The  "Axe" removes only the hottest air @ the ceiling,horizontally, with the side intake. The intake area drops 1" below the ceiling grid. Doesn't "tunnel" into the center of the room,removing the cooler air @ the center & floor area.The Cooler air @ the lower parts of the room remain. There is a 5 - 6 degree difference between the floor & ceiling.The heat is exhausted,the thermostat turns the system off. The temperature of the exhausted air is the same as air at ceiling of main office; just like your HVAC system.  Based on 75 degree  adjacent office room temperature.

The "Axe" is thermostat controlled (mounted on the system intake plate) to only exhaust the lightest, hottest air, down to your desired temperature, usually about 73 degrees. The Switched "Axe" creates the same wide radius intake, at the ceiling, in a wall switched application. Low clearance systems (12" or less above ceiling grid) are also available. See under PRODUCTS 

Fits standard 2 x 2 grid. Less than 10% of the operating cost of Air Conditioning with zero maintenance, less initial & installation cost. The reason is, the AXE only has a high efficiency, commercial fan, to remove heat horizontally, where it's hottest & a thermostat to control it.  AC units have compressors, fans, etc. Look at the power consumption for the AC unit you are considering & compare to the AXE. We only remove the hot air at the ceiling. A.C. units mix cool air with hot air, not very efficient. Removing only the hottest air is much more efficient. The SC-6H, 435 cubic feet/min. only uses 115 watts of 110 volt power.

Our efficiency @ cooling is remarkable. Proven Server Room Cooling, Data Center Cooling, I.T. Room Cooling, Re-balancing Office Heat, Restaurant Kitchen Cooling, ETC. Hot Air Axe's are galvanized steel with commercial grade fans & thermostat. Built to LAST & be repaired 20 years down the road, the old school way

Cool Air Intakes -Maximum Cooling Efficiency

 While the thermostat controls the Hot Air Axe, the hot air exhausted, needs to be replaced with cooler air, from main office, or cooler adjacent area.  Exhaust cycle is about 25% of room volume, System does not run continually. 2 grills are included, if you need them. Grills painted on request (Rustoleum spray can colors) Call or add to notes on purchase page.  Room Coolers work well on "no modification" leases & Still more effective with less cost, Usually dropping another degree or two.

TEST YOUR ROOM FOR SIZING - 6" or 8" Systems.Turn off any cool air source, monitor temperature increase 3 degrees up in over 3 minutes - 6" , under 3 minutes - 8" system.  

6" hot air axe = 30 sq inches of free cool air intake from the next room,8" hot air axe needs 50 sq. inches of vent, 12" hot air axe requires 100 sq. inches of intake.  Grills & intakes should be closest to floor level as possible(coolest air).

6" systems cool up to 500 sq. ft. SC6H horizontal exhaust - free exhausting       over office suite or ducted thru Wall. SC6 vertical exhaust over 5'                   clearance.  SC6 Quiet - cooling where people are working. 

8" systems cool 500 - 900 sq. ft. SC8H horizontal exhaust free over office           suite or ducted thru wall. SC8 - vertical exhaust over 5' clearance.                   SC8 Quiet - horizontal exhaust where people are working.


   Zero drains,water leaks,refrigerant Leaks, Floor space,Maintenance Calls,Breakdowns.

    10 % of AC operating Costs & Much Less Initial Purchase.

         Fully assembled - Saves Assembly labor For You

                             10 year warranty - 90 day trial

  The Hot Air Axe Exhaust system will exceed your room cooling     Requirements For Years To Come. 

 I.T.,Server & Office Room Cooling w/o Extra A.C. unit. Video explanation @ videos. 


             Questions ? Call Dane @ 770.480.9913  




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