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Drop Ceiling Exhaust Fan(cooling server rooms & data centers, commercial kitchens

 Cooling server rooms & data centers faster. Pulling coolest air from the next room (thru cool air intakes)with a thermostat controlled ceiling exhaust gives you the most efficient & cost effective exhaust system for replacing extra A.C. unit in server rooms for heat, smoke, odor removal, cooling server rooms & bitcoin mining rigs. The 360 degree intake @ the ceiling removes more of the hottest air that collects first at the ceiling. Barrel exhaust system tends to pull cooler air from the center of the room. Our system leaves cooler air, pulling horizontally instead of vertically. When heat leaves your servers or server racks, that heat rises to the ceiling. Our system exhausts it reliably for LE$$

70 CFM exhaust / server is appropriate for sizing.

Room cooling, Kitchen,Office, Bathroom, !/3 volume of room/ minute, Cubic Feet/ Minute. 

The SC-6H ( pictured below) is side intake,110 volt,435 cubic feet / minute drop ceiling exhaust fan, 2 x 2 ceiling grid, adjustable thermostat control, fully assembled, cool air intakes included. $469+ shipping. 

NEW !!  DCE series exhausts, 240CFM exhaust increments,  240-1920 CFM in a low profile Housing, thermostat control, fully assembled, 110 volt lower shipping costs(low profile) DCE 480 pictured here, DCE 480, 480 cfm exhaust , 2 x 2 grid 110 volt, $440 + shipping.  DCE 240, 240 cfm exhaust, 110 volt, 2 x 2 grid, $380 + shipping. Find under "Quiet drop ceiling exhaust fans" at top right of page.

Remote Control &; Switched Units Also Available. 

 SAVE 80% OFF THE EXTRA AIR CONDITIONER COST & INSTALL ! No water drainage, Easy, Quick Install. Fully Assembled ! 

While the thermostat controls the system, the hot air exhausted, needs to be replaced with cooler air, from main office, or cooler adjacent area.  Exhaust cycle is about 25% of room volume, System does not need to run continually, to keep your equipment happy. Server rooms,75 degree adjacent office = 74 degree server room !

* Daily & Emergency Cooling  * 2 X 2 Grid, Galvanized Steel

* 110 Volt - High Efficiency, Commercial Duty Fan Motor

* Fully Assembled & Tested * 10 Year warranty * Expected         service 15 - 20 Years * 90 day Trial on all products. * Reliability - 12 years of Cooling & Exhausting, For Less !

Clients: Raytheon, Northrup-Grumman, GM, Honda of north America, UPS, USPS, Chrysler & thousands of others!

SC-6H -- 6" fan Motor exhausts 435 Cubic Feet Minute of Heat- Cools to 450 Square Feet / cools up to 7 servers, in 3 minutes & turns off. 

SC-8H -- 8" Exhausts 745 C.F.M. of Heat - Cools to750 Square Feet. / cools up to 11 servers, in 3 minutes & turns off.

SC-12H -- 12" Exhausts 1060 C.F.M. of Heat - Cools to 1100 Square Feet. / Cools up to 15 servers, in 3 minutes & turns off.

TEST YOUR ROOM FOR SIZING. Some Server & Equipment Rooms create more heat. Heat test 1 degree / minute use the above  guidelines. This reflects cooling capacity w/o an extra A.C. system. More than 3 degrees in 3 minutes, move up 1 size or call Dane @ 770.480.9913    

 Cool Air Intakes,( Sized to Systems), (in the box) should be closest to floor level as possible(coolest air). Included with System.

Installation, under "info" @ top of page 

Low Clearance models - 6", 8" 10" motors - Less than 14" above ceiling 

Remote controlled models, wired + transmitter

Switched Models - Housing & Motor -  customer supplied (any) 110 volt switch. On/off, motion control, timer,  humidity, etc. Units have to be switched

N E W !!   DCE SYSTEMS, choose your exhaust rates, low profile design, efficiency with a way lower shipping cost. DCE 480 cfm, $440, DCE 720 cfm, $510. 5" above ceiling grid, full 24" exhaust width,


Need A custom application, call Dane @ 770.480.9913

We Build For Durability; 15-20 Year Expected life. 

Zero, drains, water leaks, refrigerant Leaks, Floor space, Maintenance Calls, Breakdowns.

   20% of A.C. Initial Purchase & 10% OF OPERATING COST

Fully assembled - Fast shipping                          

The Hot Air Exhaust Systems Will Exceed Your Room Cooling Requirements For Years To Come. 


      Questions, Applications or Custom Systems, 

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