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Server & I.T. Room Cooling System & Data Center Cooling & Installation

Cooling your server,IT,Data & Computer room has never been easier or more effective. The "Hot Air Axe" removes the hottest, lightest air @ the ceiling, before it accumulates to an uncomfortable level (people & IT Hardware). Our exclusive horizontal intake creates a broader intake than the traditional "tunnel" intake,which removes some of the cooler air from the middle of the room. The side intake mated to a high efficiency fan & adjustable thermostat, gives you the most effective & cost efficient cooling system available. 9% of the operating cost of air conditioning. The "Hot Air Axe" exhausts only the hottest air, as it is created, automatically, leaving your air conditioned air in the lower part of your room.The air conditioner doesn't come on as often, lowering your costs. ie: 8" system has the cooling capacity of a 2 ton AC unit, with 9% of the operating costs. 

Small,<250 sq. ft., Server, IT,Computer Rooms

Within a suite of offices,creating a louver or grill(cool air intakes) close to the floor, pulls the coolest air in from the adjacent room. This existing source of cool air, eliminates the need for an additional Air Conditioner. The same principle that large corporations use in constructing server & data center cooling systems.  Supplying cool air at the bottom of a room & exhausting it at the ceiling, creates the most efficient air exchange to cool equipment & people. The air at the ceiling is 5-6 degrees hotter than the air at the floor. Using the cool air intakes at floor level ( door or wall ), creates the same effect on a smaller scale. Your existing Server or IT room may have an air conditioning register(supply register), locate the Hot Air Axe 1 tile away from this supply; relocating this to the next room,in front of the cool air intake, increases the cooling efficiency, by pulling from an even cooler area. I.T. managers & consultants have already discovered how easy & effective the "Hot Air Axe" system works.


Locate your hottest area. Plan the exhausting, free flow or ducted to return air plenum or outside. Spacing the "axe" a minimum of 1 tile from air conditioning supply or return registers helps create a "calm" zone to accumulate heat.This makes the exhaust more efficient. Remove two ceiling tiles & one  2' grid. Check the support wires,give them a hard pull.Place the "axe" in the grid, pointing the exhaust to desired heat destination. Replace 2' grid. Plug into 110 volt supply or wire 110 volt constant or switched power. Completing ducting & wiring, replace tile, set thermostat, be cooler for less.

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Daily & Emergency sizes available

Zero Maintenance - No Service Calls

Zero floor space - 110 volt- no 220 lines

No leaks - Inexpensive & Reliable

90 Day "PROVE IT", buy it & use it for 90 days,If the system doesn't prove itself; send it back, undamaged for a full refund of the purchase price.

Tested & Fully Assembled with a 10 year guarantee.

Easy Installation

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