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Gentle Breeze - Whole House Exhaust Fan


The Gentle Breeze Whole House Fan is the Quietest(58 decibels), Most Effective Home Exhaust System because of our exclusive side intake. The Side intake removes only the hottest air, sideways @ the ceiling. Other exhaust fans pull straight up from the middle & floor area removing all the air in the home,including the cooler air in the lower areas of your home.


"Why Hot Air Rises"  &  "Temperature Difference Between Floor & Ceiling"

Gentle Breeze keeps the cooler air in your home, this is how your home cools without the large volume of air, which produces the noise. The quietest because the huge volume of air normally moved is not necessary to cool your home, because of our side intake.

For info: You Tube - StmFab / Whole House Exhaust & installation videos

745 C F M Exhaust, Combined with our Exclusive Side Intake & Thermostat, Gives You the Cooling Capacity Of A 3000 C F M System, for Less Money.  

110 volts- 1.7 amp - 200 watts

10 3/8 x 10 3/8 ceiling opening, 1 square foot attic ventilation

Thermostat controlled or Switch/Timer - your Choice included.

Fits 12",16" or 24" spaced ceiling joist without framing or hanging.

Fan motor,wood mount,control box, Damper & wiring is predrilled & preassembled

Less Noise

Less Dust

Less Pollen

More Cooling for less money & time saved.

90 day Trial - 10 year warranty

Gentle Breeze & Installation Kit

$659.00 - free shipping

10 % Discount / Cool Attic Install / Limited Time.

Add in note section when you choose Timed Switch or Thermostat

Questions? Please call Dane @ STM Fabrication - 770.480.9913