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Commercial/Restaurant Kitchen Cooling / Effective,Reliable, Profit Maker

The "Hot Air Axe" fits a 2'x2' ceiling grid. The intake drops 1" below the existing grid , this creates a HORIZONTAL intake: not the normal vertical "tunnel" effect which removes the cooler air from the center of kitchen. The horizontal intake removes only the hottest air.(hot air rises) at the ceiling, Automatically. The system mounted adjustable thermostat regulates the exhaust system to your desired temperature.The system pulls fresh air from the outside  ground level. 110 volt, low amp,high efficiency fans cool by removing the hot air as it accumulates.Horizontal low clearance (SCH), vertical (SC) exhaust systems, &  SC-H horizontal output version of SC series( higher output," More bang for your Buck" according to your space above the drop ceiling. 

SC-6    435 CFM of heat removed -110 volt - 5' of ceiling clearance. 500 sq. ft of floor space.

SC-8     745 CFM of heat removed - 110 volt - 5' of clearance. cools to 900 sq. ft. of floor space.

SC-12  1060 CFM  of heat removed - 110 volts - 5' of clearance. Cools up to 1400 feet of floor space.

SCH-6   335 CFM  heat removed 110 volts - only 10" of clearance required. Up to 500 ft. Cooled

SCH-8    660 CFM heat removed - 110 volts - 10" of clearance. Cools to 800 ft of floor space.

SCH-10  1000 CFM of heat removed - 110 volts - 12" of clearance. 1200 sq. ft. of floor space COOLED.

SC-6H   435 cfm of heat removed in a hot minute - 13" of clearance required.Horizontal exhaust 500 SQ.FT. 

SC-8H  745 cfm of heat removed in a hot minute - 16" of clearance required.Horizontal exhaust,900 feet.

SC-12H  1060 cfm of heat removed in a hot minute - 18" of clearance required. horizontal 1400 sq. ft.

The flat horizontal intake creates a wider intake which is more efficient & less than 10% of the operating cost air conditioning. The purchase cost & installation cost are also minimal, by comparison. Exhausting to the outside or the exhaust side of existing hoods. The "Hot Air Axe" also cuts your air conditioning bill by reducing the escaped heat flow back to the Dining area.

 INSTALLATION : Locate the "Hot Air Axe" in the hottest area, on the far side of heat source, from cool air intake. Point the exhaust in the direction to duct. Creating a "calm" area for the more efficient accumulation of heat is accomplished by giving the "Hot Air Axe" intake a minimum of 2 ceiling tile from either air conditioning supply or return register. Check your ceiling support wires, give them a hard pull. Remove 2 tiles & 1 cross grid (2' grid). Place the "Axe" in grid & replace 2' grid. Plug in to 110 volt circuit (longer power cord is $1/foot installed) or wire with 110 volts(local codes). Install duct, as needed, or exhaust to outdoors is the most efficient. Install intake air grills in exterior door, creating air flow to Axe. Replace last ceiling tile. Set the thermostat, mounted on the exhaust intake plate, to your desired temperature. Enjoy cooler savings & increased productivity. The included grills can be used for installation in kitchen exterior door, close to ground. 6" - 32 sq. inch, 8" -  48 sq. inch .The exterior doors should be closed & kitchen fans that mix the air, should be turned off. This allows the hottest air to be exhausted sooner, Increasing employee comfort level. If your kitchen is open to the dining area, the "axe" will not be as efficient, the cooler air will also be drawn from dining area.

*Zero Maintenance - No service calls

*Zero Floor Space

*No Water or Refrigerant leaks; we don't use either, - Reliable & 10% of the operating cost of Air Conditioning.

Yes the Axe is a new more efficient design, while proven in the field, we offer the "90 day Prove it": Buy the Axe, If it does not perform to your satisfaction, send it back ,undamaged, & receive a full purchase price refund.

Fully assembled /10 year guarantee

Tired of Attitude, Wrong Orders & Losing GOOD PEOPLE because of HEAT?

The HOT AIR AXE works for you!!

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