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Buy the hot air axe, use it for 90 days. If the axe does not prove it's efficiency to YOU, Return it ,undamaged for a full purchase price REFUND.

The unit is fully assembled, put it in your ceiling, point it in the intended direction for exhaust, don't install duct.

Plug in with an extension cord. 110 volt 3 prong cord.

Set the thermostat, about 3 degrees higher than your desired temperature. Hottest air is @ the ceiling.

Crack the door about a 1/2", wedge the door so it can't move. Don't put in the grill,yet.

You now have a temporary install to prove the EFFICIENCY.

If it is not up to your expectations, carefully rebox it, call us for a pickup order & we pay the return shipping.

Questions ? Email or Call Dane @ 770.480.9913

Happy Cooling!